Abhayapuri (IN)

Abhayapuri tiene una población de 15,802 personas.
También es conocida por los siguientes nombres: Abhayapuri, Abhayāpuri

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  • Tour Asia

    By sites.google.com A 14-minute tour around Asian cities of Hanoi, Tokyo, Phnom Penh, Manila, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bandar Seri Begawan, Kota Kinabalu, Bangkok, Vientane, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore. Make sure 3D building layers is enabled. Click play to start the tour. ...ver el mapa.

  • Islam in Central Asia

    Source:http://www.oldroads.org ...ver el mapa.

  • Refugee Camp in High Resolution

    UNHCR is putting refugees on the map - a virtual map - with a new Google Earth tour that shows UNHCR's refugee camps across the globe. Claudia Gonzalez-Gisiger from UNHCR says the tour is a powerful way for everyone to get an insight into the desperate conditions in which refugees live. By UNHCR ...ver el mapa.

  • Marco Polo's experience

    Marco Polo is famous for his travels through Asia. He was one of the first Europeans to travel into Mongolia and China. He became famous for his book that told the story of his travels along the Silk Road to China. Marco Polo was born in Venice, Italy around 1254. In 1271, when he was 17 years old, he traveled to Asia with his father and uncle. On this journey, he became a favorite of Kublai Khan,... ...ver el mapa.

  • Marco Polo's Travels

    Marco Polo's Travels ...ver el mapa.

  • Boredom Rocket Route

    ...ver el mapa.

  • 無題

    ...ver el mapa.

  • ????

    ???????er?????????????????????????????Google???????? http://g.co/maps/yxxp5???????????????????????????????????????? http://goo.gl/Hj7NS?????????????????????????????????????@??mars ???????????????????????1??????????2????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????3???????????????????????????????????????4??????????...5????????????????????? ...ver el mapa.

  • National park scenic ride

    Ride Time 0:20:36, Elapsed Time 0:20:46, Distance 4.26 mi, Average Speed 12.4 mph, Maximum Speed 12.4 mph, Total Ascent 190 ft, Total Descent 105 ft ...ver el mapa.

  • Bangkok-Pattaya-Cosy hotel

    Поездка из аэропорта Бангкока в Паттайю, в отель Cosy beach

    ...ver el mapa.

  • ????

    ...ver el mapa.

  • TwitNoNukes Worldwide

    ...ver el mapa.

  • ??????????

    2011?9?25??????????? ...ver el mapa.

  • Trip nov 2013

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Asia 2010

    Viaje a Asia a finales de 2010, entrada por Bangkok, visita a los Templos de Angkor en Camboya y Phon Penh, y entro a Vietnam por el Delta del Mekong, recorriendo el pais de Sur a Norte, para acabar en Hanoi donde otro vuelño me lleva de nuevo a Bangkok.

    ...ver el mapa.

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