This track is a very usefull way-out in case you are forced to leave Wadi Himara as soon as possible and you are between the two big abseils, it means after the 70 mt. waterfall and before the 30 mt and 50 mt waterfalls group. Discovered by Abdallah Hijazi "Abud" from Tropical Desert for first time to avoid to abseil the second block at night. He showed us this way-out track when we started to hear a storm coming, another indisputable reason to give up a canyon: Better safe than sorry. The track can be very useful to support and attend any incident or just to meet from the Dead Sea road. Note: The "Easy" Difficulty Level corresponds with this way-out, but not the Wadi Himara canyon.

1: Wadi Himara / Emergency way-out
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1: Wadi Himara / Emergency way-out

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