India, Jammu - Lakhenpur to Sarthal

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Sarthal is a lush green valley, between the Seoj dhar,( Seoj range) and the Ashapati range,in the Bani block of district Kathua, of Jammu province of the state of Jammu & Kashmir in northern India. A small valley of about 2.5kms long and on an average 300mts wide, the Sewa stream flows through it, joined by several tributaries. Starting from the national highway 1A, near Lakhanpur, at the J&K and Punjab border,one ride's to Basholi, then to Bani and finally to Sarthal. Lakhanpur to Basohli is 72kms, Basholi to Bani is 87kms and Bani to Sarthal is about 16kms. Making it about 176 from Lakhanpur. The road condition fom Lakhanpur to Basohli is fine.The road from Basholi to Bhoond, about half way to Bani is good, after Bhoond the road is unpaved till Bani. From Bani to Sarthal, the road twisty, with its share of landslides, stream crossing and fair weather road stretches. A typical Himalayan road with turns and jerks. One can stay at Bani, overnight at the PWD ( Public works department) a govt undertaking, rest house, a clean and nice place. The staff is friendly and decent, highly recommended if you are traveling with a female companion. There are 4 bedrooms , a dining area, a lawn and complete privacy. On an average a room costs about Rs 250/ per night, plus you have to pay for cooking and meals, so another Rs 250. Bani to Sarthal is about 2 hrs ride.

1: India, Jammu - Lakhenpur to Sarthal
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1: India, Jammu - Lakhenpur to Sarthal

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