It took some time but finally the first snowshoe hike of the year. We went with Forest & Water for a 1-day tour in Minakami around Hotakayama. The trail we followed in not on the yama to kogen map, nor is the cave but there were several groups of snowshoers led by guides from other companies as well. Technically it is accessible to anyone and the level of fitness required is also very low. I guess almost anyone able to stand on their 2 legs could take part in this tour. Since it's partly of track it could be easy to get lost without someone with good knowledge of the area in the group. The cave is the main point of interest of the hike and while I don't know how to call what we saw inside, I must say it is pretty impressive. Overall it's a good place for beginners but if doesn't qualify for a serious workout. More pictures here:

1: 2013-02-02 大幽洞窟
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1: 2013-02-02 大幽洞窟

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