Trincomalee (LK)

Trincomalee tiene una población de 108,420 personas.
También es conocida por los siguientes nombres: Gorad Trynkamali, TRR, Trikomali, Trikunamalaja, Trincomalee, Trincomali, Trinkomale, Trinkomali, Trinkomalis, Trinquemalay, teulingkomalli, ting ke ma li, tirukkonamalai, torinkomari, trinkeamali, trinkomali, trynkwmaly, Горад Трынкамалі, Трикомали, Тринкомале, Тринкомали, Трінкомалі, ترينكومالي, त्रिंकोमली, திருக்கோணமலை, ട്രിങ്കോമാലീ, ත්‍රිකුණාමලය, トリンコマリー, 亭可马里, 트링코말리

Mapas, rutas y tracks GPS en Trincomalee (LK)

Mapas, rutas y tracks GPS en el entorno de Trincomalee(LK). 1964 resultados.
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  • Sri Lanka: Trend Charts and Cluster Updates

    By United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) ...ver el mapa.

  • Sacred Heritage

    “Sacred Heritage” the first Cultural tour of Explore Sri Lanka is about exploring the fabulous history of Sri Lanka witch goes back more than 2500 years making it one of the most fascinating destinations in the world to visit. in Our Tour we offer you to Explore Some of the most important historical landmarks in our beautiful island include mystic and exciting well-known places such as Anuradh... ...ver el mapa.

  • Sri Lanka Road Access Map-Oct 31-0800

    The cyclonic storm is in the South-west Bay of Bengal was located about 100Km east of Mulattivu coast at 29th midnight.Heavy rain and strong winds will continue in the North-central, Northern, Eastern and North-western provinces. Other areas of the island will also receive rain with heavy falls at some places. ...ver el mapa.

  • Ruta Alovera-Marchamalo

    Caminos por vías pecuarias ...ver el mapa.

  • Sri Lanka, Export Agriculture

    ...ver el mapa.

  • India Sri Lanka Maritime Boundary

    Positions 1-6 (Red): Sri Lanka and India agreed on 26-28 June 1974 to the delimitation of a boundary through the "historic waters" of Palk Bay. The agreement, which came into force on 8 July 1974, has been printed in the Government of India's Notice to Mariners, Edition No. 9, Notices 133 to 156, 15 April 1975.Positions 1m-13m (Green), 1b-6b (Blue):UN Treaty 15804 between SRI LANKA and INDIA Agr... ...ver el mapa.

  • Who do software testers follow on twitter in India in 2013

    This list contains testers as well as non testers. Most of the list is testers (90%). If you are a super special software tester, you are on my list. If you are special you may or may not be on the list.Yellow markers - multiple tweeters.I am still working on this mapLet me know if there are 'defects'. I have left some defects in the map intentionally. If you wish you can try to figure out wh... ...ver el mapa.

  • Forts of India

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Alerta de tsunami en el Océano Índico

    Un terremoto de magnitud 8.7 ha provocado una alerta de tsunami en todo el sudeste asiático, una zona golpeada con dureza en el tsunami de 2004. ...ver el mapa.

  • BPF's work in india

    Best Practices Foundation has documented best practices conducted research and evaluations and implemented its innovations in several states across India. ...ver el mapa.

  • Monuments of India - By

    ...ver el mapa.

  • あしあと

    これまでに訪れた場所 ...ver el mapa.

  • WISP T18 Google Maps Assignment

    Please do not edit this descriptionThis is where you will put your placemarks. Some things to note:1) Do not use the case studies that are in the task sheet for Assignment 2 and 3:- conflict in Xinjiang and Urumqi- apartheid in South Africa- poverty gap in China- riots in Paris- political instability in Tunisia- the rise of Hitler- cartoons of Prophet Muhammad in Denmark- religious intolerance in ... ...ver el mapa.

  • Ganache Voyage 2011

    Suivi du parcours pour rejoindre le bonheur ...ver el mapa.

  • Al Qaeda en el mundo

    Al Qaeda tiene presencia en muchos países, su geografía es muy amplia abarcando tres continentes y pequeñas células en todo el mundo. ...ver el mapa.

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