Cebu City (PH)

Cebu City tiene una población de 798,634 personas.
También es conocida por los siguientes nombres: CEB, Cebu, Dakbayan sa Sugbo, Sebu, Себу

Mapas, rutas y tracks GPS en Cebu City (PH)

Mapas, rutas y tracks GPS en el entorno de Cebu City(PH). 1709 resultados.
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  • Ajoya

    Come To Where The Best Of The Good Life Abounds!Be part of the Ajoya community at Cordova, Mactan and witness a seamless fusion of nature and modernity unfolding in an environment that is distinctly and unmistakably Filipino.Each home in the Ajoya community takes inspiration from the best of Filipino architecture with a modern flair, a fitting tribute to all things that make life enjoyable. ...ver el mapa.

  • NYC Cebu

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Montero Basak, Cebu City

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Sinulog Festival Grand Parade

    Sinulog Festival Grand Parade Route Map2013 Sinulog is right around the corner. If you’re excited to experience this one-in-a-year celebration, then you better be prepared. Whether you want to take pictures, observe the beautiful dance movements, get heart-thumpingly near to the drum-and-bugle choir or simply enjoy the atmosphere, you should remember to take note of this map. You can even print ... ...ver el mapa.

  • For Langrich Students

    Landmarks for Langrich Students ...ver el mapa.

  • Exploratory Hike

    Starting from Tisa - Banawa - Guadalupe - Napo. Passing by Monterrazas de Cebu.

    ...ver el mapa.

  • 091031 Cebu City

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Talisay river ride - Bonbon

    A winding snaking ride from the Cebu - Toledo wharf road. At the very start of this route there is a small Sari Sari store on the right hand side of the road if heading from Talisay. At this point a track to your left takes you down to the river. All along the river you will see groups of people, digging out dirt from the riverbed which is used as an aggregate in the building ...

    ...ver el mapa.

  • NLS周辺マップ

    NLS周辺の施設をマップにまとめました。 ...ver el mapa.

  • weekend bike route 2013-03-17

    me and carlo's weekend bike route 3-17-2013: i came down from bacayan, rendezvous carlo at cebu IT park, together we went up to willie's store. about a couple of hundred meters after willie's we turned right and went downhill to budlaan and exited at talamban. at corner of sunny hills vill, i said bye and went left back to bacayan. carlo turned right to barax. mission accompli...

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Paril

    ...ver el mapa.

  • ???????????

    ??????????????????????????????????????????? ...ver el mapa.

  • Labangon to Ayala Heights (via main roads: Relax bike ride)

    44.1km total rouond trip via main road, busay and transcentral highway. Most popular cycling route from JY-Busay to Ayala heights in Cebu City

    ...ver el mapa.

  • Green Trail Ride $6

    11th April 2011 Bonbon - Sudlon - Mt. Labalasan - Tabunan - Taptap - Cantipila 1 - Adventure Cafe Zipline

    ...ver el mapa.


    ...ver el mapa.

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