Autogas locations in spain with extra info for large American motorhomes (RV's)Blue icons are all fuels, Green icons are LPG onlyCapital letters after the nameDT=Drive throughDTS=Drive through, small RV's under 30'RO=Reverse out only.NT= Cannot be accessed when towingUN=Unknown, recommended but no info on accessI have assumed if you can drive through with an RV, an added car trailer won't make any difference.

Ha habido un problema al acceder a los datos: NotKmlException: [0]: No se ha podido analizar el documento KML. Verifique que se trata de un XML bien formado Mapas www.ikiMap.com1Comparte tus mapasLogo - ikiMap1AQUI EL ICONO Gasauto Valladolid DTSGPS: 41.6154 -4.7363
Two pumps, cash only, access ok for RV, but 38 may need to shunt.
This site will be moving in the next few years.
Still there in Dec. 09

Calle del Bronce
Tel: 983 223 541
09.00-20.00 Weekdays, Labour days and Saturday.
09.00-14.00 Sunday
Cash only

]]>-4.736309,41.615516999999997#estilo_0 Alicante Repsol DTGPS: 38.3024 -0.5283
Access easy for RV
Avenida de Elche 170
Tel: 965 209 950
08.00-21.00 Everyday, todos los días
]]>-0.528379,38.302368000000001#estilo_0 Gasauto Huelva DTGPS: 37.2390 -6.9523
Calle de Isaac Albeniz
Poligono Ind. Francisco Montenegro
Tel: 959 262 100
08.00-21.00 everyday, todos los días
]]>-6.952543,37.238998000000002#estilo_0 Jerez del la Frontera Repsol DTSGPS: 36.6643 -6.1130
Calle Opalo
Poligono Ind. La Cartuja
Jerez de la Frontera
Tel: 956 347 276
08.00-14.00 then16.00-18.00 Weekdays, Labour days
09.00-14.00 Saturday and Sunday
]]>-6.113381,36.663981999999997#estilo_0 Sevilha Repsol DTGPS: 37.3933 -5.9465
Avenda Roberto Osbourne 16
Poligono Carretera Amanila
24 Hours
Cash only
Gasauto Santander Low Canopy!GPS: 43.4852 -3.7999
Calle de Camus
Tel: 942 390 000
08.00-22.00 All days, todos los días
Barcelona Repsol DTGPS: 41.3306 2.1107
Carrer de la Lletra K
Sector C
Zona Franca
Tel: 933 364 456
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Repsol Murcia UNGPS: 37.9738 -1.1162
Reported ok for Eurovans, and RV's but be careful 
Calle de Naranjo 1
Te: 968 252 333
08.00-21.00 Weekdays, Labour days
09.00-14.00 Saturdays
Cash only
Gasauto Vigo DTSGPS: 42.2068 -8.7542
Camino de Caramuxo
Tel: 954 519 499
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Cash only
Madrid Galp DT Reported ClosedReported to be Closed
GPS: 40.4940 -3.3881
Ctra de Barcelona
Alcala de Henares
Tel: 918 886 680
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Madrid Galp Barajas UNGPS: 40.4678 -3.5786
Access and pump position unknown
Camino del Cuartel 9
Tel: 917 472 505
24 Hours everyday, todos los días
M/List reports Possible tight access for RV

Madrid, San Isidro Repsol DTGPS: 40.3996 -3.7329
Paseo de la Ermita del Santo
Junction of Calle via Carpetana
San Isidro
Tel: 913 920 896
24 hours everyday, todos los días
Madrid Repsol UNGPS: 40.3924 -3.6765
Calle de Mendez Alvaro
Junction with M30
Tel: 915 396 767
24 Hours everday, todos los días
Barcelona Agip DTGPS: 41.3142 2.0691
Carrer del Garraff
El Pratt de Lobregat
Tel: 934 786 234
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Valencia Repsol DTSGPS: 39.4599 -0.4099
Calle de Gremis
Poligono Vara de Quart
Tel: 963 792 200
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Awkward one this, as the LPG has a very low canopy, I would suggest going in by the fence, keep as close to the canopy as you can. And you should then be able to swing around and out. 
The yellow canopy at the front is Natural gas, the LPG pumps are behind it. 
Cordoba Repsol UNGPS: 37.870168 -4.8012
Calle San Alberto Magno
On satellite view this looks to tight for RV
Tel: 957 329 116
08.00-22.00 Weekdays, Labour days.
09.00-14.00 Saturday and Sunday
Gasauto La Coruna ROGPS: 43.3348 -8.4225
Access to pump lots good but reverse only
Ctra de Mesoiro
San Cristobal das Vinas
La Coruna
Tel: 981 292 632
08.00-22.00 Weekdays, Labour days
08.00-13.00 and 15.00-18.00 Saturday
08.00-14.00 Sundays
Cash only

Hoznayo Repsol DTGPS: 43.3900 -3.7035
Barrio de la Sierra (N634)
Tel: 942 524 212
07.00-23.00 All days, todos los días
San Sabastian Petronor UNGPS: 43.2859 -1.9842
Paseo del Doctor Begaristain
San Sabastian
Tel: 943 308 038
24 Hours
Barcelona Agip 2 DTSGPS: 41.4272 2.2104
Calle Tribidabo
Sant Adria de Besos
Tel: 934 622 139
06.00-22.00 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Grenada Repsol DTGPS: 37.1907 -3.6363
Carretera de Malaga
Pago de Fatinafar
Tel: 958 294 000
08.00-21.00 Weekdays, Labour days
08.00-14.00 Saturdays
Lisbon DTGPS: 38.7390 -9.2030
Estr. da Cricunvalacao
All Fuels]]>
Lisbon 2 DTGPS: 38.7554 -9.1833
Av General Norton de Matos
All fuels]]>
Madrid Repsol 2 DTGPS: 40.3422 -3.8052
Pump is at the far end
Calle ebanistas junc with Av. de Leganes
Tel: 916 932 211
24 Hours everyday, todos los días]]>
Madrid BP DTGPS: 40.3429 -3.8406
Avenue de Mostoles
Santa Perpetua de Mogoda DTGPS: 41.5271 2.1674
Autopista del Mediterrani AP-7
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Destination unknown reports it now has the new eurofitting
Madrid Galp DT Reported ClosedReported to be Closed
GPS: 40.4930 -3.3865
Ctra de Barcelona
Alcala de Henares
Tel: 918 886 680
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días]]>
El Portazgo UNGPS: 41.6603 -0.9252
Calle de Autovia de Lorgrono
Tfno.: 976 330 745
50011 Zaragoza
Report from the Berdies. We have been able to get in and out of with no problems we are 13'-6" high-40'-00 long
Shell DTGPS: 41.5263 2.1683
AP7& KM 144
24 Hours Everyday, todos los días
Destination unknown reports it now has the new eurofitting
Jay and Elle report: Good access here, drive through easy for 36' rig plus toad. Staff were helpful although no-one spoke much English, so we managed with the usual Spanglish and hand signals. They provided and adaptor which fitted into the adaptor we already had been using in France - they seem to have a large number of French visitors and were more geared up for their vehicles than for British ones.
Palma ROGPS: 39.5657 2.7208
Camino nuevo de Son Banya
Confirmed in Google "Street View"]]>
Palma2 DTSGPS: 39.6055 2.6582
Calle del Gremi de Selleters
Confirmed in Google "Street View"]]>
Manacor UNGPS: 39.5735 3.1594
Off the Autovia MA15
Santiago de Compostela Repsol UNGPS: 42.906294,-8.51592
Rue Boisaca,
Weekdays 08.00-21.00 Sat 09.00-14.00
981 572 332]]>
Bilbao Repsol UNGPS: 43.2906 -2.9602
Ctra Bilbao-Plentzia Km 5.5]]>
Palma Airport Repsol UNGPS: 39.5462 2.7230
Vial de Salida
Malaga Repsol UN GPS: 36.69028,-4.483045
Calle de Concepcion Arenal
Normal service station recently fitted with Autogas.
Be warned this station has the new Euronozzel
Alan has reported that they have Bayonet-Euronozzel adaptors to lend only. Without an adaptor you will not be able to fill your tanks.]]>
Salamanca Repsol UNGPS: 40.9784 -5.6628
New installation not shown on google maps or street view.
Thanks to old Mo for the following report.
 if you are nearside filler as in LHD side drive up between the "T" shaped roof which is the Valleting and wash bays and the LPG pump is on your left... as said they do have the new Euro adaptor to lend,,,, just ask the attendant/cashier.. 
Pamplona Repsol UNGPS: 42.8349 -1.6096
Street view shows a new LPG installation being constructed
Report from the Berdies. We have been able to get in and out of with no problems we are 13'-6" high-40'-00 long
Villa Olympic UNGPS: 41.3929 2.2040
New installation announced by Repsol here:
Pump postion unknown
Avenida Litoral
Olympic village
Co-op Auto Taxis UNAvda Gomez Laguna
Faqusal NTGPS: 38.9593 -1.7982
Autovia de Alicante

Warning.......The pump is situated inside the factory gates to the right hand side. Do not under any circumstances follow the pump attendants advice and use the small drive in front of the pump as there is a low canopy over the pump and it will take a bite out of your roof plus there are metal posts that will snag your sides.

We just stopped as we approached the cover, the attendant wasn't even looking at our height. It's impossible to use this access drive if towing with an Aframe or trailer. You can access the pump across rough ground by reversing in towards it from the side and rear but beware there is a large three foot concrete hole that will trap one of your wheels. Thanks to "Lancer"
Repsol Valladolid DTGPS: 41.6744 -4.7188
Have used this LPG station, big forecourt and plenty of room just off the motorway. Thanks to Wacky Races.]]>
Repsol UNGPS: 40.3802 -3.5974
This a new station listed on the Repsol site, it doesn't say whether its both stations or just one.]]>
New Station position unknownFrom

Utrera is again a pioneer. The group Cepsa city chooses to install the first section to supply LPG for vehicles sold in Spain. It is located in the storage facilities of its distributor of butane, Zonagas, provides Utrera the road connecting with Los Palacios y Villafranca (A-362)]]>
Cred Rabasa UNNew Station listed on Repsols site as having Autogas.
Cred HipodromoGPS: 40.4613 -3.7578
Listed on Repsols site as having Autogas
Ctra del Hipodromo
Chevrolet Autohaus ROGPS: 41.93413,2.797662
Poor access but looks doable. Go down the road inbetween the Mazda and Saab garage. Its behind the Mazda garage.
Reverse only.
Chevrolet Autohaus
Gironauto, S.L.
Petrolis Figueres UNGPS: 2.98839 42.2739
Access ok but pump position unknown
Petrolis Figueres
Not on the motorway, minor road between the N-260 and Vilatenim
Repsol UNGPS: 43.530022,-5.706958
New installation announced by Repsol.

Location: Avenida del Transporte, 18. Campones Industrial Estate, Plots, 1 and 4 (Antigua Crta AS-19, intersection with C / Trench) CP 33211 Gijón (Asturias) - EN Campones.
GPS Coordinates: LAT: 43 ° 31'48 "N - LON: 5 ° 42'25" W
Hours: Monday to Sunday: 6:00 to 22:00]]>
Oviedo Repsol UNGPS: 43.371104,-5.81593
Pump position uknown, from Repsol site.]]>
Repsol UNGPS: 41.447214,2.195275
Access and pump postion uknown
Paseo de Santa Coloma,
71-73 (Nudo Trinidad)
CP 08030 - Barcelona.
New site announced by Repsol 27-01-11
Molinos Marfagones UNGPS: 37.6343 -1.0586
Access and pump position unknown
New outlet reported by Jools
Jay and Elle report: Open 7am to 11pm everyday, run by an extremely nice and helpful man, who spoke not a word of English. He had 4 different adaptors to offer us, and we found one to fit our UK tanks as well as one which worked with our US (cooking/heating) tank which we topped up as this was the cheapest we'd seen for a long time. Only problem was the location of his LPG site, which required us to un-hook the toad, drive the rig out into the road and then reverse back into the station. No problem with the canopy (we're 13 feet high), the man wouldn't let us do it ourselves and it filled very slowly]]>
Repsol UNGPS: 42.849721,-2.648067
Access and pump position unknown, but the garage looks to have plenty of room from street view
Álava AutoGas
C / Portal Elorriaga, 17
(next to the Avenida de Bruselas)
CP 01002 - Vitoria (District Salburua)
Announced by Repsol 08-02-11]]>
Repsol La Rozas UNGPS: 40.507469 -3.8767
Ctra de la Coruna a El Pinar
Las Rozas de Madrid
Just off the A6 Take junction 19 or 20 depending on your direction.]]>
Repsol Leon UNGPS: 42.6044 -5.5789
Calle de la Cruz Roja de Leon
Campsa Toledo UNGPS: 39.865278,-3.970576
New site access unknown
Calle del Rio Jarama

Valencia Repsol UNGPS: 39.530253,-0.312998
New site access unknown
Just off the E-15 motorway towards Barcelona
Jay and Elle report: Good access, drive through was easy and staff helpful. This station had the right adaptor for our UK fitting, so no need to use two adaptors here. LPG is incorporated with the "normal" petrol pump here, and is available either side of the pump closest to the shop. We were able to fill up ourselves and pay afterwards. Nice fast pump which did not take long to fill.]]>
Autogas Pinto UNGPS: 40.2650 -3.6927
Calle del Coto del Danana
Culebro Ind. Est.
New site, no further details]]>
Repsol Cartagena UNGPS: 37.6074,-0.9717
Paseo de Alfonso XII
Repsol UNGPS: 40.502091,-3.66313
Av de Santo Domingo de la Calzada
New station not shown on google]]>
HernaniGPS: 43.2778 -1.9706
Both sides of AP8
Marbella RepsolGPS: 36.510281,-4.896945
Thanks to costawarrior for this
Avenida de Ricardo Sorano
Repsol Sabadell UNGPS: 41.53215 2.10462
Carrer Joaquim Blume
Repsol Albacete UNGPS: 38.9994 -1.8543
Access unknown, pump position unknown
Paseo de la Cuba
New outlet annouced 06/07/2011
Santander Repsol UNGPS: 43.459142,-3.840949
Carrer Cardenal Herrera Oria,
38 Quarter Cazon,
CP 39011 - Santander
(Cantabria) ]]>
Repsol Huesca UNGPS: 42.1313 -0.4188
Access unknown
Avenue de Martinez de Velasco
Service stations both side of the road, whether one or both sell Autogas is unknown]]>
Repsol Cordoba UNGPS: 37.8971 -4.7666
Access to pump unknown
Avenue de la Agrupacion Cordoba
Repsol Valesalor UNGPS: 39.383108,-6.348596
Access to pumps unknown
Ctra. Ruta de la Plata (N-630)
Autovia A66 exit 564
Keithhep reports:
lots of room and easy access pumps, suitable for a large RV. But the pump is locked up behind a wire cage so you would need to ask to fill there.]]>
Repsol Motilla del Palancar UNGPS: 39.538833,-1.899519
Access to pumps unknown
Ctra de Albacete Km 72
Motilla del Palancar
Ctra de Albacete
A3 exit 212 on to N-320
Tlf. 969.33.30.36
Móvil. 645.97.52.90]]>
Repsol Los Barrios UNGPS: 36.199923,-5.514737
Access to pump unknown
Crta A-381 PK 94 MI, CP 11370 -
Los Barrios (Cádiz)
New outlet announced by Repsol 30-08-2011
Not shown on street view]]>
Repsol Jerez de la Frontera 2 UNGPS: 36.690025,-6.127453
Pump position unknown
Calle de Martin Ferrador
Jerez de la Frontera
Repsol Burgos UNGps: 42.344708,-3.648051
Access and pump position unknown
Ctra. de Logrono
Repsol Logrono UNGPS: 42.453012,-2.448304
Access and pump position unknown
Av. de Lope de Vega
CEPSA Ayamonte DTGPS: 37.231743,-7.398407
Access and pump looks good
C/ Ribera del Guadiana, parcela 112
Polígono Industrial Sepes
21.400- Ayamonte (Huelva)
Tfno: 959-320064
Opening hours Monday to Sunday from 8am to 2pm.
Compañía: CEPSA
 A bit tight for over 35ft, you would have to wriggle a bit to get in and out. Watch your step is not on the drainage hump when you get out of the RV otherwise it will ground. Has the new Spanish connector but you could borrow one there. Open 0800 til 2200 
Thanks to Helles306 for this info.
Madrid Airport UNAccess and pump position unknown
Avenue de la Hispanidad
Barajas de Madrid
Repsol Los Corrales de Buelna UNGPS: 43.252386 -4.070615
Access and pump position unknown
Los Corrales de Buelna
Old highway N-611 exit 167 from A-67]]>
Repsol La Corunna UNGPS: 43.333665,-8.402438
Access and pump position unknown
Avenue del Alcalde Alfonso Molina
AC-11 Highway right margin (N-550)
La Corunna
Virgo RepsolGPS: 42.2288 -8.7199
Access and pump position unknown
Bouzas Esplanade
Port of Virgo
Hoznayo RepsolGPS: 43.389955,-3.682759
Access and pump position unknown
Exit 195 A8]]>
Repsol Malaga36.736111,-4.434451
New site access and pump position unknown
Avenida Valle-Inclan
Chevrolet Garage MotrilGPS:36.739243,-3.513396
Carretera de Almería, 30
18600 Motril, Granada, Spanien
Phone: +34 958 60 60 88 (Mr. Bejar)
Fax: +34 958 60 38 96
Monday to Friday workshop 9:00 – 14:00 / 16:00 – 20:30
Saturday workshop 10:00 – 13:00
cash + Visa (if the EDV is running)

Euro Snoozle (ACME-Adapters available)
From N-340 / E-15 at the roundabout in the Carretera de Almeria
It´s a Workshop with LPG, not a normal gas station!

Thanks to Gerd & Monika (Superduty) for details of this new outlet.]]>
Motor 2000GPS: 40.79025 0.67299
Access and pump position unknown
Carretera de Castellon A Tarrgona (N340)
Thanks to erneboy for this site]]>
Merca RepsolGPS: 40.358346,-3.660148
Access and pump postion unknown
Calle Eje 1-2
Madrid airport 3GPS: 40.496946,-3.597937
New site, access to pump unknown
AlcudiaGPS: 39.8433 3.1233
Access and pump position uknown
Via de Corneli Atic


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