Water mills of Dimitsana, Lousiou gorge 20120911

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Nice relaxing walk in gorge Lousiou, from Dimitsana's open water museum. 0,0km - Start from the parking next to the museum (about 1,5km outside of Dimitsana in Stemnitsa direction). The sign-posted path (red square) starts exactly from the museum and follows the spring. Multiple water mills are on this part of the path, very well sign-posted and described. 1,0km - Asphalt road. The path crosses through asphalt road from Paleochori to monasteries. The short route (within museum sightseeing) ends here. The route continues as red national hiking path 32 with some very old markings (and new ones as well). We have followed the path for another 550m, but it was full of water at this time, and we decided to look for alternative. After several tries to go around the spot, we finally gave up and returned to the asphalt road and turned left to Paleochori. 3,5km - Paleochori. Traditional Lousiou village. 5,9km - back at the museum's parking (by the asphalt road, around). Originally we were planing to walk all the way from Dimitsana to the monasteries (Philosophou and Prodromou), which is about 3,5h hike one way, but due to difficulties with original route and finding an alternative, we walked only the first easy part, and continued later with a car after coming back. The whole route is much more demanding and interesting :-/ next time... Level easy, and I also mark it as a "walk" not "hike". The museum itself is a very nice one to visit!

1: Water mills of Dimitsana, Lousiou gorge 20120911
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1: Water mills of Dimitsana, Lousiou gorge 20120911

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