WCRVBB-19-Biking Low Danube - STAGE 01 - Belgrade-Smederevo 76 km

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WCRVBB-19-Biking Low Danube - STAGE 01 - Belgrade-Smederevo 76 km

Etapa 1 de la Ruta que discurre por el bajo Danubio de Belgrado a Constanta, durante 1017 km hasta el Mar Negro en 10 etapas. Va de Belgrado a Smederevo, pasando principalmente por impresionante camino que pasa por el dique de contención construido por las avenidas del río. Muy interesante para estar en un camino elevado y ver las marismas que quedan entre el río y el dique, lleno de pájaros de todo tipo.

This is the first stage, going from Belgrade to Smederevo. The route in Belgrade passes through the most interesting churches, like Saint Marko church and Sava Cathedral. Also NATO bombed TV building and others in central Belgrade. It passes through parks, to avoid cars, and we leave Belgrade. Then a main busy street (the most dangerous part of the way, because of the cars) to reach the Dunav's bridge, where is easy to pass in the lateral path. Inmediately you turn right and head Pancevo following the dam path. It's extremely beautiful, with the marsh of the Dunav full of birds of any kind. A very lonely place. After Pancevo you follow the road to Omolijca, but with a lateral bike line (a bit slow to ride in it but correct). The turn right to Ivanovo, when you take again the dam path. Very beautiful, sometimes with a grass path. But very pleasant to ride near the birds. The dam is a bit elevated, and the views are fantastic. Before arriving Kovin, then we take the long bridge over the Dunav and cross the river to reach Smederevo. Steep climb to the hotel.

   - All the way in the elevated dam to protect the country of the river. Plenty of birds.
   - Bridge over Dunav.

Smederevo is a quit city with a very interesting central peatonal square, with the Cathedral. Instead, the more interesting is the Fortress, with fascinating views of the river (if you go to the other part of the walls) and an interior park with many amenities. The walls are very huge.

Between Belgrade Bridge over Dunav, and Pancevo, you can go in the motorway instead of the dam. But it can be a little dangerous. In Omoljica, instead of turn right to the dam, you can follow straight with the main road to Kovin. The road has less traffic because you are heading away from Belgrade.

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1: WCRVBB-19-Biking Low Danube - STAGE 01 - Belgrade-Smederevo 76 km
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1: WCRVBB-19-Biking Low Danube - STAGE 01 - Belgrade-Smederevo 76 km

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