Nice walk trough Venice. Some suggestions (since that parking at Venice cost like toe credit for the house): Option 1: leave the car at Mestre near train station and come to Venice with the train; or Option 2: leave the car near the Venetian airport (Brusutti parking at Tessera + (0-24), they will bring you to airport, from airport take the boat to Venice (very suggestive and affordable for medium family); Regarding to the track: we came with the train from Vicenza till Venezia, All OK! At the exit from the train station was crowd! We passed straight near by the bridge "Ponte degli scalzi", leaving the crowd. It is really nice that part of Venice, especially without people! Lunched at "Cannareggio" (really northern part of track), watching the "Ponte della liberta" road SR 11, (the road that brings you to Venice), plains on the landing route, trains, ... . On that, first part, you'll not find a lot of tourist, and you'll have a lot of possibilities for enjoy the landscape and architecture. On the second part, coming out near to Ponte dei Sospiri e Piazza San Marco, the quantity of people becomes amazing (see pics). But, Venice is like that! The truck is 10500 m, but, taking in consideration satellite loosing, shall be 12000m. NOTE: following this track you'll find a lot of fountains with drinkable water. Using them, you'll not spend the money and you'll drag less weight! ;) We employ cca 6 hours waving really easy walk with kids, lunch, coffee, photos, shops, ... ... ... Enjoy!

1: Venezia track
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1: Venezia track

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