A winding snaking ride from the Cebu - Toledo wharf road. At the very start of this route there is a small Sari Sari store on the right hand side of the road if heading from Talisay. At this point a track to your left takes you down to the river. All along the river you will see groups of people, digging out dirt from the riverbed which is used as an aggregate in the building industry. A few fisherman can also be seen casting their nets - mainly for small fish. I would only take this route if their has been no rain for a while. In most parts its fairly easy crossing. I was on my XR 200 with considerable clearance but I saw XRM 125,s making it through without too much difficulty. In some parts I had to check the depth of water before passing through, but the water is generally clear enough to see the riverbed which is made up of weathered stones and pebbles along pretty much all of the route.

1: Talisay river ride - Bonbon
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1: Talisay river ride - Bonbon

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