Brilliant hike on a cool peak. Not for everyone because of cliffs and ropes used to climb. Really important to have someone with you how knows the trail. That should be easy to arrange in near by town Grundarfjordur for low price. See Guide Hjortur I am not used to undermine my gps tracks but this is a special mountain: Though you can download this gps track it´s important to know that it dose not replace good guiding. Few people on the mountain same day as I got lost and it is possible to get in trouble even with gps track. Also heard of people with the gps track turning back because they where not sure about it. So be careful and do not hike in much rain.

1: Kirkjufell 17-JUL-12 15:04:26
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1: Kirkjufell 17-JUL-12 15:04:26

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