Gunung Kinabalu LOW`S PEAK 3OCT2011

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This was the training trip for the Kinabalu Climbathon 2011. It was a day trip. National Park opens gate for the climbers at 7:30am and one has to reach the Low's peak 4095.5m ASL before 1pm. You'll need mountain guide (RM80 per day) for the climb. This is the most beautiful mountain in Malaysia and you must not miss it. Do it as Once in a Life time Climb at least. Where to stay: Accommodation inside the park is really expensive and budgets motel near the park are quite cheap, clean and nice. Homestay packages are available but make sure you have proper transportation to/from the park for you hiking trips! If you are going for the Day Trip, pray hard for the beautiful sunshine weather as Park Rangers might stop you if it rains before you reach the summit!

1: Gunung Kinabalu LOW'S PEAK 3OCT2011
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1: Gunung Kinabalu LOW'S PEAK 3OCT2011

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