Gunung Jasar / Perdah Cameron Highlands 24Km Run Hike Run

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Date: 6th August 2012 with 9 Hardcore runners Titiwangsa hotel- Parit Falls - Robinson Falls - Trail 9/9A - Habu - Bharat Tea Plantation - Trail 6 - Gunung Jasar - Trail 12 - Gunung Perdah - Kampung Sungai Ruil All the hikers except me stayed at Titiwangsa Hotel. We started our trail training at 9am sharp. The weather was beautifully cool and trails were slippery due to the whole night-through heavy rain. We ran along the Brinchang golf course and headed into the Parit falls (Trail 4). Some part of the trail 4 can not be used as no one clear the uprooted and fallen trees along the path. We ran across the football field and ran to the Trail 9 where Robinson Falls is located. We continued along the Trial 9 path and after the waterfall took the Trail 9A. Trail 8 head is located in the middle of trail 9! Trail was very narrow. Some path were very dangerous as part of the narrow path was eroded and disappeared by the heavy rain into the ravine on the right. You will see a Chinese Temple and Tenaga power station at the trail exit. This place is still in Habu, Ringlet if I'm not mistaken! We ran up along the old tar road (Tapah-Cameron Highlands) all the way up to the Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation where we took a tea break. Bharat tea plantation is the trail head for Trail no.6! This was where our longest 3 hours hike began! There were no sign for the visitors at all! So If you do not have handheld GPS, please do not try this route without a Guide! Me too was the 1st timer there and we did not use a guide either. At marker no. 349 three hikers took wrong path and ended down deep in the mountain valley! we had to reverse and "Mission Impossible" doubts started in our minds. I tried to keep cool and followed the Marked stones and finally reached the Gunung Jasar (1696m asl). We took a break and decided to go for another mountain instead of taking the easy way out (Trail 10 - exit to Oly Apartment). We headed to Gunung Perdah. The paths were very clean and wide enough for us to ran 10miles per hour! Finally we saw the Orang asli Kampung Ruil and ran back to the Hotel! Run time was about 5 hours+ Distance 24Km+ and Total time taken was nearly 8hours!

1: Gunung Jasar / Perdah Cameron Highlands 24Km Run Hike Run
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1: Gunung Jasar / Perdah Cameron Highlands 24Km Run Hike Run

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