Maxwell Hills (Taiping) training Every evening rains here and it's the bloodsuckers' roaming hour! The trail is packed with bloodsucking leeches! so make sure u wear the leech proof socks and long 2XU. This mountain can be seen from far away! From the Taiping town heads to lake garden and follow the road sign "Bukit Larut or Maxwell Hill" Park your car at the base and you have 3 choices: 1: Take the 4WD up to the top which is 10Km long (cost RM15) 2: Run or Walk up to the top along the tar road. OR 3: Use the jungle trail and hike up! But the trail was short and steep and joins back the Tar road at 3Km point. Most of the Bungalows for visitors are located at Km10 point. Taiping town and west straight of Maleka can clearly be seen from here! If you want to enjoy the cooler weather then hike up another 3Km along the tar road. Telekom Station is located at the highest point of the hill at the end of Tar road. If you are adventurous and would like to donate some blood, like me, then take a left turn into the jungle trail at the Gunung Hijau junction 500metres just before the telekom station. Peak of Gunung Hijau is only 20 minutes away from the junction. At the Peak, while I was happily taking pictures, I suddenly realised that many leeches were jumping on my legs! Donated a few drops of bloods there. No second thoughts, I ran down at 10mph! Unfortunately, blood suckers were much faster than me :D

1: Gunung Hijau - Bukit Larut
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1: Gunung Hijau - Bukit Larut

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