We needed something easy to do before we made our respective rides back homeward. So Paradox and I drove up the logging roads to last big fork where we parked our vehicle. The logging roads are in good condition and easy for SUV's and amenable to compact cars if one travels with care. We headed up the branch of the road that heads east at 2500' or so. We crossed a brook. The road becomes much less traveled after we crossed the brook and has a tree conopy. The tree canopy provided some welcome cool shade on this sunny day and south facing slope that gets full sun. The road continues to grow narrower as we continued along. We encountered the boundary line at 2950' elevation shortly after crossing a series of blowdowns. The boundary line is very easy to follow in the beginning but is obscured by blowdowns in spots as it begins to top out at 3300' elevation. There is a fairly distinct herd path that attacks the slope directly. The climb is steep, but forest is mostly open and footing is excellent. The herd path crosses a few blowdown patches where it is easy to lose in spots, but we managed to pick it up every time and were shortly at the top where we found the cannister right away. Return was easy and quick. Whole excursion took 2.5 hours RT. NOTE! My GPS track shows the track for the logging road drive from the bridge across the river. That's why it says 7.0 miles. Our hike was actually 3.0 miles RT. The STOP marker indicates where we parked the car. The actual hike elvation gain is something like 1300'.

1: East Kennebago Mountain Maine
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1: East Kennebago Mountain Maine

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