Hikers and photographers almost fight for permits to visit the magnificent and famous formations in Coyote Buttes. A permit to go CBSouth is a ticket to adventure, featuring an exciting drive on remote roads of an untrailed wilderness. The Bureau of Land Management issues permits for twenty individuals per day. Coyote Buttes South does not have a famous highlight like the Wave but it is more of an adventure. Access is by remote high-clearance, four-wheel drive roads. There are no hiking trails or routes once you get there. The teepee is the most common formation in Coyote Butte South. The coloration of the formations is also quite unusual, featuring a strong yellow color, with typical variations of red or brown. There are no facilities. You must bring in your own water and pack out all your trash.

1: Coyote Buttes South
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1: Coyote Buttes South

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