CH Jim Thompson Graveyard Discovery Trail Run 33Km

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Date: 2nd Sept 2012, 6am Starting Point: Bertam Valley, Ringlet, Cameron Highlands Finish Point: Chinese Temple near Habu TNB Robinson Power Station Participants: Debbie Chinn, Eddie Ruble, Lim Ing Haur and Audi TT I stayed at Hotel Titiwangsa for this run and made arrangement with the rest to meet at Petronas Station Ringlet 5:30am. They woke up at 2am in the morning and drove up to Cameron to join me! I was glad that all turned up on time. Eddy and Lim's cars were parked at the finished point and I brought all of them in my NT 4WD to the Starting point, where I parked and left my car. We started at 6:30am in the morning for the run, still dark but headlights were not required as full moon was bright enough for us to see where we were heading! Starting point was 960m ASL and we had to run up about 3.5Km to 1200m ASL junction where we took photo of tractor. It was down hill all the way to 13Km point (Menson Primary School)580m ASL from this peak junction. We crossed the Ringlet Kuala Lipis Federal Highway and entered into Kuala Boh. We met one of the residents of Kuala Boh Orang Asli and bought 2 Durians and ate it as powerpaste! It was absolutely tasty , delicious and cheap (RM3 per fruit). We must go back there for Durians Run at least one more time :-) Tough part of the run started from KM18 point. We ran across the jungles, estate roads and finally ended up in the beautiful BOH tea factory Habu 1420m ASL. We replenished our depleting energy sources at the BOH tea house and walked up to the view point 1475m ASL. We really enjoyed the tea and the nice cool breeze there. After the tea break, we raced down 4Km to the finish point temple. Lim sent me back to the starting point which is 13Km away to collect my 4WD. It was 12:45pm when I sat back in my car. My energetic doggie Audi TT once again showed me, his readiness for the full marathon. We must change our group name into Highlands Trail Explorers.... Next Mission... Mount Kinabalu Express Day Climb (7hours for return trip)

1: CH Jim Thompson Graveyard Discovery Trail Run 33Km
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1: CH Jim Thompson Graveyard Discovery Trail Run 33Km

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