Enjoy the excellent slopes and unmatched snow conditions of this ski center. Corralco offers 500 acres (200 hectares) of uncrowded ski runs for all levels of ski and snowboard lovers. This mountain resort has one draglift for the beginner runs and one double chairlift for medium and advanced skiers, more than enough to enjoy this beautiful terrain. The view from above is absolutely stunning, overlooking fantastic peaks of the Andean Araucanía, such as Sierra Nevada (2.554 meters / 8.379 feet) and Llaima volcano, as well as more distant landmarks like Lanín volcano (3.710 meters / 12.172 feet) to the south. Once you reach the end of the chairlift you’ll have seven runs to choose from as well as a vast 2,470 acres (1.000 hectares) ski domain to go off-piste through valleys and gullies. Today we’ll try to ascend the Lonquimay volcano and reach its massive crater (2.865 meters). From the end of the chairlift we’ll begin the tough hike (or skin up) to the top (5 hours). Upon reaching the top we’ll take in the magnificent view and then begin skiing off-piste to the bottom of the slopes. This activity is strictly reserved for those people in strong physical condition and an advanced level of skiing. Do you like this route? You can climb this volcano and many more with Amity Tours, the local experts in The Lake and Volcano District. Book your next backcountry ski tour to South America with Amity Tours www.amity-tours.com

1: Ascenso Invernal Volcan Lonquimay
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1: Ascenso Invernal Volcan Lonquimay

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