4 Mountains Trail Run (Gunung Pass, Yellow, Irau & Brinchang)

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Date: 18th Aug 2012 Time: 8:15am Plan was to run to the trail head (9Km)then climb Mt. Pass, Yellow, Irau and Brinchang (down via Trail 1) then run back to the Temple. Starting Point: Kwan Di Temple, Kampung Raja, Cameron Highlands The route: from temple we turn into Kg. Raja and follows the short-cut road (4.5Km only) out the the Simpang Pulai-Cameron Highlands Highway. At the junction, we turned left and ran towards the Peark-Pahang Border. There I wasted more than 20 minutes waiting for Andrew and partner (shopping - I have no ideas what they were buying to take that long!)at the trail head. Anyway,this trip was a testing ground for my 4-legged partner Audi's ability. Do not under estimate because he is small. He is 5, weighs 4.5Kg and result of an accident between Miniature Pincher and Jack Russel Terrier. Me and Audi slowly ran to the trail head. PP Border trail head was about 9Km away from temple and it took us less than an hour. Although we started at 8am, the actual trekking of 4 mountains started at 10am. I knew from that point that My Marathon plan was gone due to the time factor. We reached Gunung Pass in 30 minutes, Another 2:15+ we were at Gunung Yellow. I must admit I lost to Audi in jungle trekking and mountain climbing. He was leading us most of the time. We stopped for lunch break at Gunung Yellow about 15-20mins. The trail from Gunung Yellow to Gunung Irau was tough but abosultely beautiful and clean compared to the trail between Mt. Irau Entrance and Mt. Irau. There I saw wild orchid and many beautiful pitcher plants. By the time we reached Irau Peak, it was 4:45pm. Just took 10 mins break and continued the journey out to the Mt. Irau main entrance. This part of the trail was the hardest to handle. We reached Mossy Forest Entrance at 7pm. Took 5 mins break and continued to the Gunung Brinchang, The trail was in horrible state due to the heavy rain and uprooted trees and landslide. Luckily I brought super bright torch light. Half way of the trail, we were blessed with heavy rain! By the time we reached the Brinchang Town Night Market, it was 9pm+. Me and Audi both were soaking wet with rain and shivering due to the wind. I discarded the idea of running the final leg "which is from Brinchang to Kg. Raja Kwan Di Temple", as we almost covered 29Km (Distance according to GPS Oregon 400T - 28.5Km, Elevation gain = 1892m, actual moving time less than 10 hours) and on the road for more than 12 hours. I managed to stop a lorry passing by and returned to the Temple. I took shower at the temple and dinner at next door Lai Fatt Cafe. Coming up next: Pos Slim - Gunung Ruil - Cameron Highlands

1: 4 Mountains Trail Run (Gunung Pass, Yellow, Irau & Brinchang)
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1: 4 Mountains Trail Run (Gunung Pass, Yellow, Irau & Brinchang)

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