An easy paddle through and around the area known as the 1000 Islands. The put in is at the end of Ramp Rd in Cocoa Beach. The concrete boat ramp is easy to locate, but there is a small soft kayak/canoe launch thirty yards north of the regular boat ramp at N28 18.584/W80 36.876, between the restrooms and the tennis courts. Either one works but sometimes the soft bottom launch is quieter when it's busy here. It's a good idea to take a look at google Earth to familiarize yourself with the area before venturing out. Maybe put some waypoints in your GPS. While you can't get lost for long you can get disoriented in places. Even on windy days this a nice place to paddle because of the inside channels making this is a popular area for kayaking especially on weekends. There are many paddle trails to take and places to explore. This track shows just one quick trip. Have fun and be safe.

1: 1000 Islands Cocoa Beach
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1: 1000 Islands Cocoa Beach

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