Songseumsack Tanovan (5/16/2007) - Washington County homicides 2000-2012 (sitios de interés)

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Songseumsack Tanovan, 53. Died May 16 of two gunshot wounds after six officers opened fire in the 6600 block of Southeast Wrenfield Street in Hillsboro. Tanovan's son had called 9-1-1 to report his father might be having a stroke. When help arrived, Tanovan shot a rifle at paramedics, a police car and randomly into his neighborhood. When he fired at police from his front porch, the officers shot back. The officers were Hillsboro police officers Mike Johnston and Chris Rasmussen, Forest Grove police Sgt. Dean Foster, Washington County Sheriff's deputies John Egg and Charlie Irving, plus sheriff's detective Chad Lotman. The district attorney's office determined the shooting was justified.

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