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Michael Ray Kinloch, 39. The Gladstone man was stabbed with a pair of scissors, tied up with speaker wire and taken to Hillsboro from his girlfriend's house in Gladstone on Sept. 29. At a house in the 200 block of Northeast Lenox Street, Kinloch was shot twice. His body was loaded into a car and dumped on a logging road about 15 miles from Toutle, Wash., and set afire. A passer-by found Kinloch's body Oct. 3. Police linked the murder to Washington County in early 2003 and charged four people with aggravated murder: Janet Sue Cummings, Kinloch's girlfriend; Shawn Michael Coble of Hillsboro; David Kenneth Hale of Portland; and Adrian Rome Gargan of Hillsboro. The four knew one another through methamphetamine sales and use. Coble and Gargan, who were living in the Hillsboro home, told police they killed Kinloch and pleaded guilty to aggravated murder. Cummings told friends she wanted Kinloch killed because he allegedly was stealing from her and was a police snitch. She pleaded no contest to first-degree manslaughter. Hale pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter for helping Coble and Gargan kidnap Kinloch from Cummings' house before they shot him. Hale and Cummings were sentenced to 10 years in prison. Coble was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and Gargan was sentenced to 38 years to life in prison. Gargan also was convicted of the Sept. 5, 2002, killing of Forrest Richard Paul, 26, who was shot in the head in his Southeast Portland duplex. The killing resulted from Gargan's fruitless effort to score meth and counterfeiting equipment.

Janet Sue Cummings

Shawn Michael Coble

David Kenneth Hale

Adrian Rome Gargan

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