Juanita Rosales-Garcia (3/9/2009) - Washington County homicides 2000-2012 (sitios de interés)

Descripción del sitio

Juana Rosales-Garcia, 40. Killed by her boyfriend, Delfino Hurtado- Navarrete, after telling him that she was leaving him. Hurtado- Navarrete took Rosales-Garcia for a ride in March after she told him they needed to talk. They had lived together for eight years, and he'd helped her raise her two sons. When she told him she wanted to break up; he beat Rosales-Garcia unconscious, slashed her throat with a utility knife, then beat her again. He drove to a wooded embankment outside North Plains, dumped her half-clothed body and pretended for a month that he didn't know where she was. He went on the radio and television, pleading for leads. He confessed only after detectives confronted him with cell-phone records that didn't match his alibi. He pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison.

Juanita Rosales-Garcia

Delfino Hurtado-Navarrete

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