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Jessie Mary Valero, 48. Stabbed to death in her apartment in the 800 block of Southeast 11th Avenue, Hillsboro. Her body was found March 17. Jorge Reyes Sanchez, 22, of Forest Grove, Jose Guadalupe Cazares Mendez, 32, of Hillsboro and Jose Lugardo-Madero, were charged with killing Valero while trying to conceal their identities in a robbery and burglary. Lugardo-Madero pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He will be deported after he finishes serving his sentence. Reyes-Sanchez and Cazares-Mendez were sentenced to life in prison without parole but their convictions were reversed by the Oregon Court of Appeals in early 2010, saying the trial court should have allowed hearsay evidence that pointed to a different killer. During the trial but outside the presence of the jury, the defendants presented testimony from four witnesses who recounted statements from a woman confessing to killing Valero. When questioned in court, she denied making the statements. The trial court said the witnesses' testimony was inadmissible because there was an "insufficient" amount of corroboration and the statements couldn't be trusted. But the appeals court said the witnesses had no motive to falsify their accounts and that the woman's statements to those witnesses while varied in detail were consistent with the essential facts of the case. On July 8, 2011, the Oregon Supreme Court agreed with the appellate court and ordered new trials for the men. (archive)

Jessie Mary Valero

Jorge Reyes Sanchez

Jose Guadalupe Cazares Mendez

Jose Luis Lugardo-Madero

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