Gilberto Vasquez Ramos (5/26/2004) - Washington County homicides 2000-2012 (sitios de interés)

Descripción del sitio

Gilberto Vasquez Ramos, 24. Stabbed nearly 20 times and bled to death early May 26 in Forest Grove's Lincoln Park after a fight with an acquaintance that stemmed from a feud. Police said Yovane Muro, 21, of Forest Grove was out for revenge after Vasquez assaulted him weeks earlier. Muro pleaded not guilty to felony murder and was sent to the state hospital because a Washington County judge found him not able to assist in his own defense. In January 2010, state hospital officials determined Muro was no longer a danger to himself or others and released him. Police picked him up in Salem after his release and he was charged again with Vasquez's killing.

Gilberto Vasquez Ramos

Yovane Muro

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