Ann Margo Corpuz (1/13/2004) - Washington County homicides 2000-2012 (sitios de interés)

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Ann Margo Corpuz, 30. Died Jan. 13 of multiple gunshot wounds as she and a friend sat in her Volkswagen Jetta at the take-out window of Mexicali Express, 12950 S.W. Canyon Road in Beaverton. Her estranged husband, Cornelleo "Leo" Sablan Corpuz, 27, followed her to the fast-food restaurant and shot her through the windshield. Ann Corpuz had a restraining order against her husband because he had allegedly abused and threatened her. The Corpuzes also were involved in a custody dispute over their 5-year-old son. Leo Corpuz testified at his trial that the shooting was self-defense. Corpuz fired three times into the windshield of his wife's car from about 6 feet away. He then moved around to the side and fired three more times at her through the open driver's window, inflicting the fatal shot to her heart. Corpuz said he just wanted to talk to his wife about their son, but he heard the car's engine revving when he walked in front of it so he reacted because he thought she was going to run over him. Several witnesses testified during the trial that the loud revving came after the first series of shots. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison.

Ann Margo Corpuz

Cornelleo "Leo" Sablan Corpuz

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