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Abusir Necropolis, Egypt


The Abusir Necropolis. Image Attribution: Chanel Wheeler

Abusir is an extensive necropolis of the Egyptian Old Kingdom, which most likely served as a burial place for members of the elite from the then-nearby ancient Egyptian capital Memphis. It probably came into favour after Giza - part of a large "pyramid field" of which Abusir too is part - became subscribed to capacity during the 4th Dynasty.

There are 14 pyramids (of distinctly inferior quality to the sort found at sites such as Giza) at Abusir, which are traceable to various pharaohs of the period. There are also many other types of burial chambers, mortuary temples and funerary monuments. Czech archaeologists have carried out extensive work at the site. In 1988 they discovered the sarcophagus of a priest and palace administrator, Lufaa, dating from 525 BC. Most recently, in 2008, they found a remarkably intact 4,500 year old burial chamber belonging to an upper-middle class Old Kingdom priest Neferinpu.

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