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Descripción del sitio

The Orang Pendek or Orang Pendak is a cryptid that is supposedly an unclassified species of primate similar to the orangutan that inhabits remote regions of the island of Sumatra. The Orang Pendak has been estimated to be only two and a half to five feet in height; its name means "little man" or "short person."
Recently, Henry Gee, editor of the prestigious Nature, writes of an unexpected discovery that:

"The discovery that Homo floresiensis survived until so very recently, in geological terms, makes it more likely that stories of other mythical, human-like creatures such as Yetis are founded on grains of truth....Now, cryptozoology, the study of such fabulous creatures, can come in from the cold."

Mapa del lugar de interés Orang Pendek

Panorámica interactiva con Google Street View

fotografía panorámica de Orang Pendek, con el API de Google Street View

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