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Giant squid, once believed to be mythical creatures, are marine mollusks of the class Cephalopoda, represented by as many as eight species of the genus Architeuthis. They are deep-ocean dwelling squid that can grow to a tremendous size: recent estimates put the maximum size at 10 m (34 ft) for males and 13 m (44 ft) for females from caudal fin to the tip of the two long tentacles (second only to the Colossal Squid at an estimated 14 m, one of the largest living organisms). The mantle length, though, is only about 2 m (7 ft) in length (more for females, less for males), and the length of the squid excluding its tentacles is about 5 m (16 ft). There were reported claims of specimens of up to 20 m (66 ft), but none had been scientifically documented. In September 2005 the first images of live giant squid in their natural habitat were released by Japanese researchers near Chichijima Islands.

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