Kushinagar (Kusinara) - sacred destinations (sitios de interés)

Descripción del sitio

The place of the Buddha's death, or passing into nirvana. The date is not known for certain, but Buddhist tradition puts his death at 543 BC on a full-moon day in the month of May (Vesak on the Indian calendar). The Buddha seems to have died of food poisoning or other illness. After becoming ill, he wished to travel home to pass away. However, along the journey, accompanied by his disciples, the Buddha announced it was time and lay down. He lapsed into a peaceful meditative state, then passed into Nirvana in that reclined position. His last words to the monks were, "All component things are changeable. Work hard to gain your own salvation." The Buddha's parinirvana, as this event is called, represents the ideal death for a Buddhist and is frequently depicted in Buddhist art. kusinara-parinirvana-head-cc-prince-roy.

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