Faqusal NT - Autogas map of Spain (sitios de interés)

Descripción del sitio

GPS: 38.9593 -1.7982
Autovia de Alicante

Warning.......The pump is situated inside the factory gates to the right hand side. Do not under any circumstances follow the pump attendants advice and use the small drive in front of the pump as there is a low canopy over the pump and it will take a bite out of your roof plus there are metal posts that will snag your sides.

We just stopped as we approached the cover, the attendant wasn't even looking at our height. It's impossible to use this access drive if towing with an Aframe or trailer. You can access the pump across rough ground by reversing in towards it from the side and rear but beware there is a large three foot concrete hole that will trap one of your wheels. Thanks to "Lancer"

Mapa del lugar de interés Faqusal NT

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fotografía panorámica de Faqusal  NT, con el API de Google Street View

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